Agistment Options 

Harvey Horse Agistment provides two agistment options.  We operate our facility according to the principles of natural horsemanship and acknowledge that a horse's well-being is improved when it is able to interact with other horses.  We are also mindful of not over-grazing our land, so we limit the number of horses in each paddock.  The property consists of a number of paddocks with adjacent lockable stalls.  These can provide shelter all year 'round for our four-legged residents, or be a handy place to store feed and tack.

Option 1 Paddock Only Agistment    $40.00 per week

Option 1 agistment allows your horse to have free run of one of our large paddocks - from two to four acres in size.  Each paddock has high-quality electric horse fencing as well as an auto-filling water trough.  

Harvey Horse Agistment staff are present on the property every day, and if they notice any issues with your horse or have cause for concern, they will contact you immediately.

Option 2 Paddock Plus Stall Agistment $45.00 per week

Option two agistment is as per option one plus you have access to a secure stall in the barn located on the property.  Your stall can be used to accommodate your horse, or used to store feed, or tack and other equipment.  You will also have access to a shared area in the barn.  

Note - any supplementary feeding, rugging, farrier or vet care is the responsibility of the horse owner.

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